Foam Based Extinguishing Systems:

These systems, fuel and chemical-based fires. Fire, high temperature, large high fire hazard because it is classed as flaming. Foam systems;and cooling both covering fire with feature they will ful fill it effectively.


Foam Based Extinguishing Systems Equipment:

  • Foam Discharge Devices

    • Monitor

    • Foam Chamber

    • Foam Based-Fire Cabinet

    • Foam Generators

      • Foam Nozzle
      Foam Makers

  • Köpük Topu

  • Köpük Hücresi

  • Köpük Nozulları

  • Foam Makers


Foam Proportioners: 


    • For Atmospheric Tanks
    • For Bladder Tanks and Foam Pumps

  • Diyaframlı Tanklar ve Köpük Pompaları için



Foam Tanks: 


    • Atmospheric Tanks
    • Vertical Atmospheric Tanks
    • Horizontal Atmospheric Tanks
    • Bladder Tanks
    • Vertical Bladder Tanks
    • Horizontal Bladder Tanks

  • Dikey Atmosferik Köpük Konsantre Tankı

  • Yatay Atmosferik Köpük Tankı

  • Diyaframlı Köpük Konsantre Tankı

  • Diyaframlı Dikey Köpük Tankları

  • Diyaframlı Yatay Köpük Tankları

Special Fabricated Packages  

High Expansion Foam Systems  

Low Expansion Foam Systems  

Compressed Air Foam (CAF) Systems                
Foam Pumps  


Sıkıştırılmış Hava Köpük Sistemi