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Before ordering a fire pump, consult FM Approvals regarding size, type of driver, suction supplies and location. Proposals for fire pump installations, including plans showing location and piping connections, should be sent to FM Global for review before the order is placed. Give the manufacturer complete data, including rated capacity, net head and suction head. Contracts for pump installations or changes should be let subsequent to acceptance of plans and subject to satisfactory field tests by FM Global.

The pump manufacturer or his authorized representative is responsible for furnishing a complete unit consisting of pump, driver and necessary accessories, all according to FM Global's standards.

Satisfactory performance in an operating test after installation should be guaranteed. A new fire pump installation is not acceptable until FM Global has witnessed a satisfactory field acceptance test. This will include a test of endurance of the pump and reliability of the power supply.

Exact horsepower requirements for each pump must be determined by a shop test on the specific pump. Approximate horsepower requirements at rated pump conditions are as follows:
Rated Capacity,
gal/min (dm3 /min) Rated Net Head,
psi (kPa) Approximate Power Required,
hp (kW)
(1895) 100
(690) 50-60
(2840) 100
(690) 60-75
(3785) 100
(690) 75-100
(5680) 100
(690) 100-125
(7570) 100
(690) 125-150
(9465) 100
(690) 150-200

In the listings on the following page, rated net head represents the amount of pressure boost obtainable from a pump of a given type and impeller size when operating at rated speed.

The rated net head range indicates that impellers of various diameters are obtainable for the given type of pump.

Although not recommended for installations where suction is normally taken under lift, FM Approved pumps have been tested for proper operation under negative suction conditions up to 15 ft (5 m) at 150% of rated capacity.